Hasht Behesht Palace (Isfahan)


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Hasht Behesht Palace
The historic building called Hasht Behesht (Eight Paradises) represents residential palaces used in the later period of the Safavid dynasty, and was built during the reign of Shah Suleiman (1669 AD). Already a government property, the palace was originally surrounded by a vast garden and hundreds of similar buildings, also named Hasht Behesht, of which nothing remains except this interesting and beautiful palace.
Located inside the former Bagh-e Bolbol (Nightingale's Garden) to the north of Bazaarcheh-ye Boland (Bazaar-e Honar) and east of Chahar Bagh A venue, this two-story palace owes its fame, apart from its architectural and decorative merits, to the lavish use of marble slabs, stalactite vault decorations, excellent tile works dotted with scenes of animals (birds, beasts of prey and reptiles) covering the building on the outside. Structurally, it consists of a Shah Neshin (Royal Parlor), a verandah, numerous rooms, and ivans richly decorated with gilded frescoes.
The magnificent Raja'i Park was built by the Isfahan municipality around the palace during the recent years, which has developed into a very popular promenade used bv the Isfahanis.




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