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Interest-Free Current Account
This account will be opened for all legal and real entities. Any payment from the account will take effect through order of the account holder who will write a check for himself/herself, carrier or a certain person.

Conditions for Opening Interest-Free Current Account
All real and legal entities enjoying the following conditions can avail of advantages of this type of account:

  • Not having a bad check in banks as inquired from the Central Bank of Iran;
  • Referring to bank branches that open such an account and negotiating with head of the branch or official in charge of the financial affairs or head of the fund bureau of the bank branch;
  • Providing a written request from the concerned institute or organization (for legal entities);
  • People who are in any way involved in economic transactions and dealings;
  • Not having any bad record in transactions;
  • Minimum age for real entities to open this type of account is 18 years;
  • Minimum amount of money to open the account: (No minimum has been determined).

Necessary Documents for Opening Interest-Free Current Account

  • Real entities
    • A copy of all pages of identification card;
    • A single passport size photo;
    • Occupational papers (if the workplace is owned or rented by the customer; presenting a copy of title deed as well as water and electricity bills, or if the place is rented, the lease along with a water or power bill carrying name of the landlord, is necessary);
    • Ownership document (if the customer owns the place, a copy of title deed or water, power, or gas bill should be presented and, if the customer is tenant, presenting lease along with water, power or gas bill carrying name of the landlord would be necessary);
    • Being introduced by somebody (a person who holds a current account at a bank branch and who shall sign the form);
    • Filling in the signature sample form;
  • Legal entities
    • A copy of identification cards of company managers;
    • A copy of establishment advertisement;
    • A copy of articles of association;
    • A copy of advertisement about the latest changes in the company;
    • A copy of instruments proving ownership of the company’s office (if the office is owned: a copy of title deed along with a water, power or gas bill; if the office is rented: a copy of the lease along with a copy of water, power, gas or telephone bill carrying name of the landlord);
    • One photo each from company managers who are entitled to sign financial instruments (obviously, presenting original papers and presence of company managers will be necessary when opening an account);
    • Filling in signature sample form;

How to Use Interest-Free Current Account

  • Any withdrawal from or settlement to the account shall be carried out through checkbook.
  • The account holder who owns the checkbook or any other person for whom a check has been written, can refer to the relevant bank branch and receive the money as written in the check.
  • In case, owner of the checkbook does not have access to the bank branch issuing the checkbook, he/she may refer to the nearest branch of Eghtesad Novin Bank or any other bank and cash the check through clearing room.

General Specifications of Interest-Free Current Account

  • No expense is needed for keeping the account;
  • Payment of salary through automated teller machines;
  • Speeding up money transfer process;
  • Settling and withdrawing money to and from the account without limitation on number of times;
  • Getting information on the last balance of the account through telephone bank;
  • Receiving bills through telephone bank;
  • If a customer enjoys a suitable account turnover, they could avail of “support account service” and any deficit in current account of such customers will be compensated through their short-term account.






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