Iranian Boy Names


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Persian Boy Names Sorted Alphabetically


مقصود Maghsoud Intended, desired
ماهان MAhAn -
مهداد MahdAd A name during the Achaemenid era
ماهر MAher Expert
مهرام MahrAm Tamed by the moon
مهبد Mahbod = Mahbood Name of Anoushiravan's minister (vizier)
محمود Mahmood/Mahmoud (A) Praised
مهرا MahrA -
مهوند Mahvand Possessing the moon
مهوار MahvAr Like the moon (resembling the moon in beauty)
مهیار MahyAr Friend of the moon, the moon's companion
مهیاز MahyAz = MehyAz A character in Shahnmeh (A wrestler of Turan)
مجید Majid (A) Great, honourable
ماکان MAkAn One of the commanders of the army of the SAmAnian dynasty
مَلِک Malek King 
ملیک Malik (A) King
مانک ManAk One of Khosrow Parviz's (Sassanian) commanders
مانی MAni/MAnee A painter who later claimed to be a prophet, and the founder of Manichaeism
منوچهر Manouchehr/Manoochehr Of a warrior family, descent ; A character in Shahnameh (The 6th  king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty)
مانوش MAnoush/MAnoosh A character in Shahnameh (Lohrasb's grandfather)
منصور Mansoor/Mansour (A) Defended, protected by God
مرداس Mardas/Mardaas A character in Shahnameh (A good and righteous man who was Zahak's father)
مردآویج Mardavij Name of the founder of the Ziyarid dynasty
مرتیا MartiyA Warrior; a rebel from Elam who fought against the Persian King Darius I
مروان MarvAn -
مرزبان MarzbAn = MarzvAn Border guard
مسعود Massoud (A) Fortunate, prosperous, happy
متین Matin/ Mateen(A) Firm, solid
مازار MAzAr Name of a Medes general in charge of Kourosh's army
مزدا MazdA ?
مزدک Mazdak A famous man during Sassanian period and founder of Mazdakism
مازیار MAziAr Name of a historical Persian general of Tabaristan (now called Mazandaran) 
مهدی Mehdi = Mahdi (A) Guided
مهراب MehrAb A character in Shahnameh (Roudabeh's father)
مهربان MehrabAn (Z) Kind
مهراد MehrAd -
مهرک Mehrak Name of a warrior during Ardeshir's (Sassanid) reign; Name of Shapour I's (Sassanid) father-in-law; Sun
مهرام MehrAm -
مهران MehrAn A character in Shahnameh
مهرنگ Mehrang ?
مهراشک Mehrashk -
مهرداد MehrdAd Gift of the sun
مهرگان MehregAn Autumn
مهرنام MehrnAm -
مهرنوش Mehrnoosh A character in Shahnameh (one of EsfandiyAr's son)
مهرساد MehrsAd -
مهرشاد MehrshAd Shining sun
مهرتاش MehrtAsh Like the sun
مهروند Mehrvand Having kindness and friendship
مهرورز Mehrvarz -
مهریار MehryAr Kind
مهرزاد MehrzAd The offspring of the sun; born of the son
میثم Meisam/Maysam/Maisam (A) Beauty
مهریار MehyAr ?
مکابیز MekAbiz = Megabiz Name of one of Dariush's generals
میعاد MiAd (A) Place of worship
میلاد MilAd Name of a champion of Iran; birth; Christmas; A character in Shahnameh
میرزا MirzA A Prince; gentleman
میثاق MisAgh (A) A promise
معین Moeen (A) Assistant, supporter
  Moez -
محمّد Mohammad (A) Highly praised; also name of the Prophet of Islam
مهیمن Mohaymen (A) Protector
محسن Mohsen (A) One who does good
مجتبی MojtabA (A) Chosen
مراد MorAd Desire, wish
مرتضی MortezA (A) Chosen
موسی MousA/MusA A companion
مصطفی MustafA (A) Chosen


نادر NAder (A) Rare
نجید Najid (A) Bold, brave
نامدار NAmdAr Famous
نامی NAmi Illustrious, celebrated
نامور NAmvar Famous
نریمان NarimAn A character in Shahnameh (ZAl's grandfather)
نرسی Narsi = Nersi Name of a Sassani king ; Characters in Shahnameh (Gudarz's son; also name an AshkaniAn king)
ناصر NAser (A) Assister, friend
نشواد NashvAd A character in Shahnameh
نصیر Nasir (A) Defender
نصیح Nasih (A) Faithful; an adviser
نَستور Nastour A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasb's brother)
نوند Navand Messenger, courier
نوید Navid = Novid Glad tidings, good news
نعمت Nemat (A) A blessing
نیرَم Neyram NarimAn
نظام NezAm (A) Order, discipline
نیک Nik Good
نیکا NikA Name of a river in Iran
نیکاو NikAv -
نیک آهنگ NikAhang Good music
نیکان NikAn/Neekon Good men
نیکنام NiknAm/Niknom Having a good name
نیکنیا NikniA  
نیکروز Nikrooz Good day
نیکزاد NikzAd Of good birth
نیما NimA Small
نیماد NimAd/Nimod Good Judgement;  The ability of good judgment
نیناد NinAd/Ninod Patience
نیرو Nirou/Niroo Strength
نیوشا NiushA/NiyushA/NiyooshA A listener
نیو Niv Bold, brave
نیواد NivAd Courage, bravery
نیوند Nivand Understanding
نیوراد NivrAd/Nivrod Order, arrangement
نیوتور Nivtour Pride
نیوزاد NivzAd Son of a hero
نوروز Norouz/Norooz New day
نصرت Nosrat (A) Victory
نوزر Nozar A character in Shahnameh (The 7th king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty who was one Manouchehr's son)
نوژان Nozhan/Nojan A pine tree
نوری Nouri Light
نوشیروان NoushirvAn Name of a king of Persia
نوشزاد NoushzAd /NushzAd Happily born; A character in Shahnameh (AnoushirvAn's son from his Christian wife)
نوبان NubAn/NoubAn A king's son
نوین Nuvin/Novin A prince; the most excellent of anything
نویان NuyAn =NoyAn A prince


اُخشان OkhshAn Posessing bulls; An old Persian name
اکتای = اختای OktAy (T) = OkhtAy (T) Name of one of Chengiz Khan's son who was one of his 4 successors; One who stays with his tribe or people (in Azerbaijani)
اُجای OjAy (T) Tall
امید Omid/Omeed Hope
اُرند Orand Glory; A character in Shahnameh
اورنگ Orang/Aurang A throne; wisdom, understanding; beauty
اوشنر Oshnar A character in Shahnameh (KaykAvus' wise and cunning vizier)
اُوژن Ozhan/Auzhan Hero, victorious


پرنگ Parang The luster of a glittering sword
پردیس Pardis Paradise
پرهام ParhAm Abraham
پاریا PAriA/PAryA -
پارسا PArsA Pure, chaste, devout, holy; Persian
پرشاد Parshad -
پرشند Parshand Warrior
پرشین Parshin -
پرتام PartAm Best
پرتاش PartAsh -
پرویز Parviz Undefeatable; A character in Shahnameh
پاساد PAsAd/PAssAd Defense, preservation
پاشا PAshA (T) A Turkish name meaning a lord
پشنگ Pashang = Pashan A character in Shahnameh (AfrAsiyAb's father)
پاتون PAtune/PAtoon/Potune/Potoon A falcon marked with a distinguishing sign
پیام PayAm Message
پاینده PAyandeh Long live
پیدافر PaydAfar/PeydAfar -
پدرام PedrAm Adorned; glad, charming
پِشنگ Peshang (K) Vanguard
پژمان PezhmAn/PejmAn Broken-hearted, sad
پُژمان PuzhmAn/PujmAn Desire, wish
پیوند Peyvand A connection, union
پیمان PeymAn Promise
پژواک PezhvAk An echo
پیران PirAn A character in Shahnameh (Name of one of Afrasiyab's generals)
پیروز Pirooz/Piruz/Pirouz Victorious; Name of a Sassanid king; also a character in Shahnameh
پولاد PoulAd/PulAd Steel; a sword
پورنگ Pourang -
پوریا PouriyA /PuriyA An Iranian warrior
پویا PouyA To search, searcher; running; runner
پویان PouyAn To search, searcher; running; runner


راد RAd/Rod Generous, brave, generous youth
رادبد RAdbod/Rodbod Commander of war chariots
رادین RAdin/Rodin Free
رادمان RAdmAn/Rodmon/RAdmon/RodmAn Munificent, generous
رادمنش RAdmanish/Rodmanish Munificent, generous
رادمهر RAdmehr/Rodmehr Name of one of Darius III's generals
رها RahA Free
رهاد RahAd A traveler; a note in music
رهام RahAm A character in Shahnameh (Gudarz's son)
رحیم Rahim (A) Merciful
راهزاد RahzAd Name of Khosrow Parviz's general
راجی RAji (A) Hopeful
رخشان RakhshAn Flashing
رامبُد RAmbod Obedient
رامی RAmi (A) An archer
رامین RAmin A character in Shahnameh (One of Kay-khosrow's son); A character in the Persian romantic epic "Vis & Ramin"
رامتین RAmtin Famous musician during the Sassanid Dynasty
رامیاد RAmyAd Obedient
رامیار RAmyAr Shepherd
  Raouf/Ra'ouf/Raoof/Ra'oof (A) Kind
رسام RasAm Designer, painter
راستین RAstin True
رشید Rashid/Rasheed (A) Brave
رشین Rashin/Rasheen Gum of the Poplar tree; Name of an ancestor of Afrasiyab
رسول Rasoul/Rasool (A) Apostle
رایان RAyAn/ Ryon/RyAn Kings
رازان RAzAn (K)   Adorned
رازبان RAzbAn A confidant; a privy counsellor
رازی RAzi A famous Persian alchemist, scientist and philosopher
رزین Razin Strong
رضا RezA (A) Consent, agreement; Name of 8th Imam of Shi'ites
رهام RohAm A character in Shahnameh (Goudarz's son); Guardian
رُکندین Rokneddin Pillar of religion
روزبه Roozbeh/Ruzbeh /Rouzbeh Fortunate; A character in Shahnameh (name of Bahram-gur's counsillor of state)
روشاک RoshAk /RushAk/Roushok Bright; Name of Daruis' general  who fought against Alexander the great
روشان RoshAn Light
رستم Rostam /Rustam A hero and warrior in Shahnameh
روئین Royin/Rouin Brazen; A character in Shahnameh (PirAn's son who was killed by Bijan)
رایکا = ریکا RykA/RAykA = RikA/ReekA Handsome boy; beloved, wished for, desired; boy (in Mazandarani)


صبا SabA (A) A gentle breeze
صابر SAber (A) Patient
ثابت SAbet Stable, firm
صادق SAdegh (A) Sincere
صدری SadrA/Sadri Chief seat, judge
ساعد Sa'ed/Saed (A) Helper
سعید Saeed Happy, prosperous, lucky
  SahAb (A) Companions
سهند Sahand A mountain in Azarbaijan
ساحل SAhel (A) Beach, shore
صلاح SalAh (A) Integrity
صلاح الدین SalAhedin (A) The righteousness of the faith
سالار SAlAr Leader
سلیم Salim (A) Perfect
سلم Salm A character in Shahnameh (Fereydoon's eldest son)
سلمک Salmak Name of a melody in Persian music (a gusheh of dastgah-e Shur)
سلمان SalmAn (A) Name of a friend of Ali; Name of an herb (Oriental wormwood)
سام SAm/SAlm A character in Shahnameh (NarimAn's son and Rostam's grandfather)
صمد Samad A lord, chief
سامان SAmAn Tranquility; order, arrangement; welfare; a good disposition
سمند Samand A noble steed; an arrow
سامی SAmi High, Elevated
سامین SAmin Name of a village in Iran
سمیر Samir (A) Entertaining companion
سمراد SamrAd/Samrod Imagination, thoughts
سامیار SAmyAr (Z) An old  Zorastrian name
سنجر Sanjar (T) Prince, emperor, king; Name of a Sultan of the Seljuk dynasty
سارنگ SArang A small black bird
سردار SardAr A general
سریر Sarir Rainbow
سرمد Sarmad Forever
سرمند Sarmand -
سرواد SarvAd Ode, song
ساسان SAsAn/SAssAn Name of the grandfather of Ardeshir, founder of the Sassanid dynasty
ساتراپ SAtrAp/SAtrop Satrap
ستّار SattAr (A) Concealer
ساتیار SAtyAr  
ساویز SAviz Of good morals or temper
صدیق Sedigh (A) A sincere friend
سپند Sepand Wild rue; name of a mountain
سپنتا SepantA Holy
سپنتمان SepantemAn/SpantemAn Surname of Zartosht
سپندار SepandAr A character in Shahnameh (Gushtasp's son)
سپهر Sepehr Sky, the heavens, celestial globe
  SerAj (A) Luminary; the sun
شباویز ShabAviz Owl
شبدیز Shabdiz Name of Khosrow Parviz's (Sassanid king) horse; Black as night
شادان ShAdAn Happy, cheerful
شادمهر ShAdmehr Kind; Cheerful
شادرخ Shadrokh Cheerful face
شادروز ShAdrouz Joyous day
شادورد ShAdvard Halo round the moon; royal throne; name of a note in music
شهاب ShahAb Shooting star, meteor
شهبال ShahbAl Longest feather in the wing of a bird
شهباز ShahbAz Royal falcon
شهبد Shahbod  
شهداد ShahdAd Given by the king
شاهد ShAhed Witness
شاهین ShAhin Falcon
شهکام ShahkAm The king's wish
شهنام ShahnAm King's name
شهپر Shahpar The longest feather in a bird
شهراب ShahrAb -
شهراد ShahrAd Brave king
شهرام ShahrAm The king's obedient subject
شهرباز ShahrbarAz = ShahrvarAz An Iranian army commander during Sassanid dynasty
شهرداد ShahrdAd Gift of the city
شهریار ShahriAr/ShahryAr The King
شاهرخ ShAhrokh Name of a Timurid king (Teymour's son);  Title given to sons of nobility; the horn of a rhinoceros
شهروز Shahruz/Shahrooz A great river
شاهور ShAhvar -
شهیار ShahyAr Friend of the king
شمیل Shamil The north wind
شمسا ShamsA Sun, sunlight
شاپور ShApour/Shapur = Shahpour/Shahpur Son of the king, prince; Name of 4 Sassani kings; A character in Shahnameh (One of Manouchehr's warriors)
شریف Sharif (A) Noble; holy
شارود Sharoud Halo round the moon
  Sharzeh Strong
شایا ShAyA Worthy
شایان ShAyAn/ShyAn Worthy, deserving, meriting
شایگان ShAygAn Worthy; anything worthy of a king or great man
شروین Shervin = Sharvin Name of a couple of kings of the Bavand dynasty (which ruled Tabaristan in what is now northern Iran (Mazandaran)  
شیداسب Shidasb = Shidasp A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasb's son); Possessor of shining horses
شیده Shideh A character in Shahnameh (AfrAsiyAb's son)
شیدفر Shidfar Glory of the sun
شیدوش Shidoush A character in Shahnameh (Goudarz's son, and brother of Giv)
شیرویه Shirouyeh -
شیروان ShirvAn = ShervAn Name of a city (a former Persian province in Caucasus, which is now part of Republic of Azerbaijan)
شیرزاد ShirzAd Brave, courageous
شجاع ShojA Brave
شووان ShowAn = ShwAn (K) Shepherd
شولان ShowlAn (K) Lasso
سیامک SiAmak Black-haired man; A character in Shahnameh (Kiumars' son)
سیاوش SiAvosh = Siavash A character in Shahnameh (Kay-kavus' son)
سیرمان SirmAn/Sirmon A ruby; embroidered silk
سینا SinA (A) Sinai
سینام SinAm Name of a fabled mountain with a pillared treasure-house
سیوا SivA An apple
سهیل Soheil/Sohail (A) Name of a star
سهراب SohrAb A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's son); Rosy glow
سلیمان SoleymAn (A) Solomon
سوران SoorAn /SourAn/SurAn A starling
سرنا/سورنا = سرنای SornA/SurnA = SornAy A Persian Oboe
سورنا SorenA/SurenA Iranian military leader during AshkAnian(Parthian) dynasty
سروش Soroush/Sorush Messenger angel
سوشیانت Soshiant/Soshyant/Sushiant/Sushyant (Z) The (final world) Savior
ستوده Sotoudeh Blessed
سوفرا SufarA/SoufarA A character in Shahnameh (Name of Kayghobad's vizir)


تابال TAbAl Name of an Iranian commander of Kurosh the Great; Stable, strong
  TahA -
تهمین Tahmin Brave
تهمتن Tahamtan Powerful, mighty
طاهر TAher (A) Pure, chaste, clean
تهماسب TahmAseb A character in Shahnameh (last king of the PishdAdi dynasty); Having a strong horse
طهمورث Tahmouress/Tahmooress Brave; A character in Shahnameh (Houshang's son and Jamshid's father)
تاج TAj Crown
تاجفر TAjfar -
تاجور TAjvar King
تلیمان TalimAn A character in Shahnameh (Name of a warrior in Fereydoon's army)
تیمور Teymour/Teymoor/Teymur/Taymoor (T) Iron; Name of the founder of the Timurid dynasty
تینوش / طینوش Tinoush A character in Shahnameh
تیشتار Tishtar Angel presiding over the star Sirius, which also directs the rain. 
تیران TirAn Arrows; Name of a king of AshkAniAn (Parthian) dynasty
تیربُد Tirbod -
تیرداد TirdAd Name of a king of AshkAniAn (Parthian) dynasty
تیرگر Tirgar -
تیرنام TirnAm -
تراب TorAb Soil
طوفان / توفان ToufAn/ToofAn (A) Storm
تورج Touraj/Tooraj = Tour/Toor A character in Shahnameh (One of Fereydoon's son who became the king of Tour)
تورک Tourak An Iranian hero
طوس / توس Tous /Tus/ Touss Name of a city in Khorasan province (Ferdowsi's birthplace); A character in Shahnameh (Name of a great Iranian general, son of King Nozar)
توتک Toutak/Tutak A money-chest; Name of a plant (cat-tail grass)


  UrumAn (T) Forest
  UshAh Dawn
اوتبر Utabar Intelligent , wise
اوتانا UtAnA = OtAnA An ally of King Darius I; One who has a good figure


وفا VafA (A) Loyalty, faithfulness
وهاب VahAb (A) A giver
وهبد Vahbod -
وحدت Vahdat (A) Unity
وحید Vahid (A) Unique
وهرز Vahraz Name of one of Anoushiravan's generals
وجیح Vajih (A) Of noble presence; handsome
والا VAlA Eminent, respectable
واله VAleh -
ونداد VandAd -
واریان VAriAn/VAriyAn Name of a place in Iran
وارتان VArtAn Name of a Persian king
واروژ VAroozh -
ورفان VarfAn A mediator
ورجاوند VarjAvand Strong
ورشاسب VarshAsb ?
ویراف VirAf Name of the father of ardA
ویشپر Vishpar -
ویشتاسب VishtAsb Name of the father of King Darius I; Possessor of many horses
ویسه Visseh A character in Shahnameh (the father of PirAn, Afrasiab's commander-in-chief)
ورنا VornA Young, youthful
وُریا VoryA (K)  
وشمگیر Voshmgir Name of a king; quail-catcher


یعقوب Yaghoub (A) Jacob
یحیی YahyA (A) John
یامین Yamin (A) Strength; power; blessing
یاران YArAn A friend; a polite well-spoken man; a jovial companion
یاری YAri Friendship
یاشار YAshAr (T) Existing or living (in Azerbaijani)
یاوند YAvand King
یاور YAvar A friend, companion
یازان YAzAn Of tall stature
یزدان YazdAn Name of the spirit of goodness
یزدان بخش YazdAnbakhsh Name of the vazir of Hormoz
یزدانفر YazdAndfar The splendor of God
یزدگرد Yazdgerd The name 3 kings of the Sassanid dynasty
یونس Youness (A) Jonas/Jonah
یوسف Yousef (A) Joseph


زاب ZAb To be helpful; Strong; A character in Shahnameh (The 8th king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty who was Nozar's son)
زادفر ZAdfar Glorious birth
زادمهر ZAdmehr The offspring of the sun; born of the son
زاهد ZAhed (A) Devout
زکریا ZakariA Zachary/Zachariah
زال ZAl A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's father)
ظفر Zafar (A) Victory
زامیاد ZAmyAd Name of the 28th day of the Persian month; also of its presiding angel
زند Zand The book of Zardosht
زراسب Zarasp = Zarasb Characters  in Shahnameh (Manouchehr's son; also the name of the son of Touss); Having a golden horse
زریر Zarir A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasp's brother)
زرتشت Zartosht Zoroaster; Golden Star
زروان ZarvAn = Zurvan (Z) Time ; The god of time
زروند ZarvAnd  
زاور ZAvar Powerful, mighty; The planet Venus
زواره ZavAreh A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's brother)
ژرفا ZharfA Depth
ژاژه ZhAzeh ?
ژکفر Zhakfar Very patient
ژامک ZhAmak Small poem
ژیان ZhiAn Formidable
ژیانفر ZhiAnfar Formidable
ژوبین Zhoubin/Joubin A sort of spear
ضیا ZiA Light

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