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International :

Trade Finance: import and export finances

Letters of Credit: Opening and negotiations of import and export L/C’s.

Transfers: inward and outward transfers through our network of correspondent banks

Accounts: Current and saving accounts in foreign currencies for residents or non-residents, at competitive rates

Currencies: we purchase and sell foreign currencies at competitive rates.

We also provide all types of guarantees and bonding facilities including bid bonds, performance, prepayments, payments to customs, and other government agencies.

Investment Banking :

Preparation of feasibility reports (industrial, construction and other projects)

Market evaluation, local competition, legal & regulatory matters, tax issues, finances, management, technical assistance & license agreement, financial analysis,…….

Business valuation

Valuation of local companies, assembling professional team

of accountants, attorneys and real estate appraisers, negotiations, purchase agreement, shareholders and management agreements, etc.

Structuring finances

Preparation of financing memorandum, seller financed transactions, leveraged buyouts, syndicated bank credits, straight loans, bond issues.

Closing transactions

Assisting our clients to meet conditions of sale, preparing documents (settlement sheet….), promissory notes and financing statement agreement,…….

Foreign investors advisory services including research

Finding suitable Iranian partner, obtaining establishment license, application for participation and legal protection, review of application by the Supervisory Board for Attraction & Protection of Foreign Investment (LAPFI), joint-venture formation,…….

Debt underwriting and equity placements

Underwriting and placing debt of “well-known and mature” local companies. We are also prepared to assist viable-going-concerns with additional equity by way of private placements with investors acceptable to existing shareholders.

Investment & financial advisory services

Providing advisory services to our local and international clients about the local market, and through our network of correspondent banks about other markets.

Portfolio management services (Asset Management)

Portfolio management services for high net worth individuals & corporate clients, covering investment in equity at Tehran Stock Exchange; and, in participating bonds issued by the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran, Government Agencies, or public joint-stock corporations. Overseas Iranians are encouraged to consider this service of Karafarin Bank and are invited to visit our site.

Syndicated facilities

To meet banking requirements of large economically viable industrial and construction projects, and due to our close cooperation with almost all the local banks and many international banks, we provide syndicated loan and guarantee facilities for such project.

Import financing

Negotiating with foreign export credit agencies and international banks to structure favorable credit facilities for our clients.

1 Risk Management

Advisory on risk management and providing relevant products.


Tracking on regular basis different industrial sectors and companies representing major part of market capitalization & interacting on a regular basis with the management of major industrial & construction companies in order to provide uptodate market intelligence

As of the beginning of the new year (21 march 2006) our rates on Rial deposits are as follows :

Short term investment deposits: 10 %
Three month investment deposits: 11 %
Six month investment deposits: 12 %
One year investment deposits: 14.5 %
Two year investment deposits: 15 %
Three year investment deposits: 16 %
Four year investment deposits: 16.5 %
Five year investment deposits: 17 %



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