Conversion of Persian Dates into Gregorian Dates


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Iranian Months

A year of the Persian calendar has 12 months, the order, names, and lengths of which can be seen in the following table (* - length of the month in leap years).

No.  Month Length
Farvardin 31
Ordibehesht 31
Khordad 31
Tir 31
Mordad 31
Shahrivar 31
Mehr 30
Aban 30
Azar 30
10  Dey 30
11  Bahman 30
12  Esfand 29, 30*

Table for the Conversion of Persian Dates into Gregorian Dates

The table mainly consists of three columns in which the Gregorian dates of the first day of each Persian month are given for the several possibilities of Gregorian and Persian normal and leap years falling on each other. The difference between the Gregorian and Persian number of the year is shown in the last column, that difference being 621 for the months from Farvardin to Dey and 622 for the last two months of the Persian year, Bahman and Esfand.

To convert a Persian date into a Gregorian one first find the column in which the Persian number of the year is to be found. On top of that column find the Gregorian date of the first day of the Persian month which the date to be converted is in. Increase the year number by the number shown in the last column of the row of the Persian month.


What is the Gregorian date of 10 Tir 1385 (Persian)? The number 1385 is to be found in the middle column of the table. In the upper part of that column we find 1 Tir = 22 June. The number of the Gregorian year is 1385 + 621 = 2006.

1 Farvardin 22.3 21.3 20.3 +621
1Ordibehesht 22.4 21.4 20.4 +621
1 Khordad 23.5 22.5 21.5 +621
1 Tir 23.6 22.6 21.6 +621
1 Mordad 24.7 23.7 22.7 +621
1 Shahrivar 24.8 23.8 22.8 +621
1 Mehr 24.9 23.9 22.9 +621
1 Aban 24.10 23.10 22.10 +621
1 Asar 23.11 22.11 21.11 +621
1 Dey 23.12 22.12 21.12 +621
1 Bahman 22.1 21.1 20.1 +622
1 Esfand 21.2 20.2  19.2  +622

Days of the week in Iranian calendar

In Iranian Calendar, every week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. Names of days of the week are:

Shanbeh (شنبه in Persian) equivalent to Saturday in Gregorian calendar.

Yekshanbeh (یکشنبه in Persian) equivalent to Sunday in Gregorian calendar.

Doshanbeh (دوشنبه in Persian) equivalent to Monday in Gregorian calendar.

Seshanbeh (سه شنبه in Persian) equivalent to Tuesday in Gregorian calendar.

Chaharshanbeh (چهارشنبه in Persian) equivalent to Wednesday in Gregorian calendar.

Panjshanbeh (پنجشنبه in Persian) equivalent to Thursday in Gregorian calendar.

Jom'eh (جمعه in Persian, originally Arabic) or Adineh (آدینه in Persian) equivalent to Friday in Gregorian calendar.

In Islamic countries, Jom'eh is the weekend.




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