Iranian BREAD


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Abgusht, Lamb Stew
Ash, an Iranian thick soup
Chela kabab
Polo and Chelo, (Rice)
Kufteh Tabrizi
Dolmeh Burg
Mast, (Yogurt)




Traditionally, bread was prepared and baked at home in special ovens. The practice is still carried on in villages. However, in towns and cities there are bakeries where traditional bread is baked. Each bakery specializes in a specific kind of bread and does not bake other kinds at the same time. However, nearly all trditional breads are being replaced by automatically baked breads.
Iranians like warm and fresh bread at every meal. There are four main types of bread:
BARBARI: Made of white flour, thick, popular amongst Turkish-speaking people.
LAVASH: Made of white flour, very thin, several of them would be enough for one person.
SANGAK: Made of brown flour, baked in special ovens on hot pebbles; it is the most traditional bread in Iran; and
TAAFTUN: Made of white flour, thin,usually round or oval in shape.

European types of bread and factory-made bread are also available in Tehran and big cities.