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Golestan Garden

called the National Park, this garden in Honarestan Square is one of the main recreation centers of the city and covers an area of 53,000 square meters. It was built in place of an old cemetery some 60 years ago and has many huge pools surrounded by green and trees.

Bagh-e Melli or El Coli

Before you leave Tabriz, do not miss El Goli or the National Park (former Shah Goli), a pleasant hillside garden and park around an artificial lake to the area of 54,675 square meters in the style of the much smaller Bagh-e Takht north of Shiraz or the Qasr-e Qajar north of Tehran. El Goli, only 4 km south of downstream Tabriz, is so lovely a place that it deserves an illustration. It is a popular weekend resort for the locals.
A hill in the eastern side of the park leads down to the pool with steps, and a fountain from top of the hill flows down to the pool. In the center of the pool there is a grand hexagonal building. The pool itself is said to have been built during the reign of Aq Qoyunlu kings. However, it was extended by the Safavids. During the rule of Qahraman Mirza, son of Abbas Mirza of Qajar dynasty, it was fundamentally repaired. Recently a big park has been built on the Airport Road, which attracts many visitors.


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