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Located in an altitude of 1,600 m above sea level, Kashan is one of the main cities of Esfahan province. It is 240 km to the south of Tehran and 220 km to the north of Esfahan, and can be reached via a first- class highway, national road, or railway. The town's population amounts to 400,000, living on an area of 2, 100 hectares.
In addition to its world-famous carpets, Kashan is also well known for its silk and the glazed earthenware tile called kashi after its place of manufacture. Kashan is a beautiful large oasis town on the Qum- Kerman road running along the western edge of the Great Desert, Kevir. The city has long been noted for its silk textiles, ceramics, copper ware, and rose water from the well-known rose fields of Qamsar, as well.


One of the most important archaeological sites in central Iran, it has a historical background of over 7,000 years. Kashan is also of interest for its connections with Shah Abbas I -it was a favorite town of his, and he beautified it and asked to be buried here in the mausoleum of a 13th century ancestor. Walking in the silent and peaceful alleys and back-alleys of the town, one can see very old buildings with brick walls constantly baked, as in old times, under the scorching sun.
Majority of historians and travelers to the town called it a gate to the world civilization. Kashan flourished mainly during the Seljuk and Safavid periods of the post-Islamic history of Iran. Samples of art works created by Kashani artisans can be seen in the famous museums of the world.
The town has many picturesque bad-girs (wind towers), essential in the town's hot and airless summers before the introduction of air-conditioning. Modem industry plays apart in Kashan, in parallel with the ongoing social development. In bazaar, however, carpet-weaving, embroidery work, the making of rose water, scent, pottery, and other crafts are carried on in much the same and with the same skill as of old.

Religious Ceremonies
One of the most interesting religious ceremonies of Shiites is held in Mash had-e Ardehal, 40 km to the east of Kashan. On arriving in the village, the visitor will find a tomb on a slope of high hill. Inside the tomb lies His Holiness Sultan Ali, son of the fifth Imam, who was invited from Medina to this region nearly 12 centuries ago. The tomb has two magnificent courtyards and a couple of splendid balconies. The whole building complex along with the tall minarets decorated with ceramic tiles, belong to Seljuk period architecture.A large crowd from Qum, Kashan, Khomein, Mahallat, Saveh, Delijan, Golpayegan, Yazd, and many other towns gather here during the second Friday of the month of Mehr (early October) to commemorate the chain of events leading to the founding of the present-day Ghali Shuyan (carpet washing) ceremony on the occasion of the assassination of His Holiness. Inhabitants of Fin, at the time of the event, on hearing of this, rushed to the place to no avail. They put his body on a carpet and, as is the Muslim custom, washed him in a stream that was 150 meters away from the place, and then buried him.
Since then, the people of Fin hold the same ceremony on the same day.

They leave the Shrine carrying the remains of the same carpet on their shoulders, and while mourning, symbolically beat the remains with long sticks to show their hatred towards the enemies of His Holiness. No outsider is allowed to touch the remains of the carpet.
Tomb of Sohrab Sepehri, a modern Iranian poet and painter, is located in the eastern wing of the Shrine. Another important religious ceremony held annually on the 21st day of Ramazan (fasting month), takes place in the historic site of Mohammad Helal Shrine in Aran, 10 km to the north of Kashan. Helal was a direct descendant of His Holiness Imam Ali.


Kashan Madraseh
Kashan Garden


By road and rail from Tehran (240 Km) and Esfahan (220 km), and all other towns, such as Qum (85 Km), Yazd (419), and Kerman (806 Km). The modern airport of the town is equipped for local flights. ACCIDENTS:
1. Traffic Police 555588
2. Road Police 03645-2222.

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The city dialing code number of Kashan is 0361.

1. Kowsar, Imam Khomeini Street, 4.
2. Marjan, Baba Afzal Street, 24096.
3. Mo'tamed, Bokharai Street, 29540.
4. Shafa, Kashani Street, 23266.

1. Emergency 22023; 115.
2. Sultan Amir Clinic, Alavi Street, 22499.

Imam Khomeini Ave, 47000. 112.

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