Birjand Iran


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Birjand is located 1309 km. far from Tehran. It is surrounded by desert (kavir). Its weather in southern area is warm and in mountain region is temperate. In the past, Birjand was a small part of a region which called "Ghahestan" (mountainside) and had an important situation after Islam.
On one hand, this region was a place of refuge for some movements like Esmailian, and was paid attention by Arab refuge who escaped from tyranny of Abbasi Caliphate, on the other . In Birjand region some Zoroastrians vestiges have been discovered.
Since 17th century on, i.e. Safavid period, with formalizing of Shi’ite religion and their concern to trade, this city developed in such a way that it changed to a regional government center. Presently, this city is one of the important cities of south Khorasan and its trade and economic center.
The most important historical and worth seeing places of this city are:
Chenshat cave,
Jame’ mosque,
Imamzadeh Mosa,
Alam palace.

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