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Seaport and capital of Hormozgan Province, Bandar Abbas with more than 200,000 inhabitants, is located on the south of Iran at an elevation of 15 meters above sea level and overlooks the strategic Strait of Hormoz. It is a port in the middle of strait linking the Persian Gulf to the Sea of Oman. With a distance of 1,501 km from Tehran, it can be reached by air (Iran Air, Kish Air, and Mahan Air), a first-class road, and rail (in a very near future).

Compared to other ports along the Persian and the Sea of Oman, modern Abbas is the and the most equipped port that occupies a strategic position of the greatest importance. In summer it gets sizzling hot and very humid here, but it's pleasant enough to visit in winter.
In the 16th century, the Portuguese took possession of the Isle of Hormoz in order In orther to use the latter as an outpost for the protection of their Indian Empire. They were expelled in 1622 after a tough naval battle, by Shah Abbas the Great who founded the town that continues to bear his name ever since (it was called Gambro or Gambrun until then, which was the name of a type of abundantly found small crustacean around the town).
Following the downfall of Safavid dynasty and the Afghan invasion of Iran, Nadir Shah became the king of Iran. He expelled the Afghans from Iran and, among other things, constructed a shipbuilding industry and the corresponding port facilities at Bushehr, as the result of which the fame of Bandar Abbas eclipsed and the town began to fall into ruin.


Revival of Bandar Abbas took place only recently. Its all-round development has been the result of social, commercial, military, political, and tourism imperatives. Close to the Arab world and, through the Sea of Oman, open to the oceans of Asia, Bandar Abbas is serving Iran as its most natural maritime outlet at present.
The port stretches out along along and narrow coastal strip. The main east-west thoroughfare changes its name from Shahid Beheshti Blvd to Imam Khomeini Street and then to Passdaran Blvd. The main docks (Shahid Bahunar) are in the west of town, the airport and bus station to the east and the main road out of Bandar Abbas in all directions extends eastwards from Shahid Beheshti Blvd.
A considerable part of the local population lives on the proceeds of its fishing activities. Partly employing the traditional net, most of them are using modern methods of preservation and transport which has led to a rapid extension of Iranian fisheries industry Industrial fishing is carried out in the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean. Agriculture goes on with two annual harvests: early out of season garden products, fruits, dates, and citrus.

During the last two decades, the well-to-do citizens of the capital, as well as some northerners coming, for example, from Tabriz and Mash had, hit on the bright idea of indulging in winter holidays under the southern sun. At that time of year the climate is astonishingly mild at Bandar Abbas. The great damp heat does not start before May and becomes unbearable only between June and September. The wide beaches are covered with silky sand, cleansed by fairly ample tides. The gentle slope provides a safe playground for children. The newly constructed hotels offer gardens, swimming pools and playing fields.
Considering the climatic conditions of the region, which are harmful to historical monuments (in many ways similar to the Caspian Coastal region), the antique monuments are restricted to an old Green Mosque in the district of Nowshahr a disaffected Hindu Temple with its characteristic, conical roofs; the Pilgrimage to Khezr known as Khajeh Khezr, in the western part of the town; and a Kolah Farangi mansion from the Safavid period.

With the exception of the rich regional museum, the most attractive natural points are to be found in the surroundings: mineral water in Genau, the new Kuh-e Genau Wildlife park, and the great agricultural town of Minab. Motor boats are available for round trips to the islands.
An interesting local tradition which will be seen in Bandar Abbas and many other coastal towns of Hormozgan Province, are the borqa's or the "masks" worn by some women, which are fairly hideous, semi- rigid contraptions surrounding eyes and cheek-bones and covering the nose. The Iranians believe that no religious taboo explains the wearing of these masks: rather it is a fashion which originates from the period of Portuguese occupation when ladies wished to walk about unrecognized or simply to protect their face from the scorching sun.



: Rail and road: 1501 km to Tehran. 1082 Km to Esfahan, 498 km to Kerman, (road) 601 km to Shiraz, and l' 039 km to Zahedan.
 ACCIDENTS: Traffic Accidents I 14, 27788.
1. Hava Gasht 20774-6.
2. Hormoz Tour 35533.
3. Iran Air 39595.
4. Iran Asseman 29096.
5. Naderi (Qeshm), 15th Khordad Street.

A taxi to and from the airport is 5000 to 10,000 Rials for a solo passenger. Tel 32034-6.


1. Bank Melli Iran, on the southwest of Vali-Asr Square.
2. Bluki Exchange Office, Imam Mussa Sadr Street 26169,23512.
3. Chah Tussi Exchange Office, Guriha Alley 25551.
4. Hormozgan Exchange Office, Bluki Square 25684.
5. Kar Saz Exchange Office, No 1919 Bluki Square 25534.
6. Khatib Exchange Office, Delgosha Street 23169.
7. Morvarid Exchange Office, Ahmadi Shopping Center 27446.
8. Sa'id Exchange Office, Imam Khomeini Ave, Bluki Square 26984.
9. Savan Exchange Office, Mohammadi Ruhi Shopping Center 27148.
10.Yadgar Far Exchange Office, Ahmadi Shopping Center 23762, 25248.

Near the airport to the east of town, but you can book in the booking offices of a couple of bus companies in town. To get to the bus terminal you may need to take two shared taxis: one to the turn-off to the bus terminal (i.e. on the corner of Imam Khomeini and Gholami Sts), and another to the bus terminal itself. There are buses from Bandar-e Abbas to nearly all major towns and provincial centers.


The dialing code for Bandar-e Abbas is 0761.

I. Sina, Shari'ati Street 22119.
 2. Helal Ahmar, Imam Khomeini Ave 25655.
 3. Razi, Shahid Beheshti Street 26461.

.Jomhuri Eslami Blvd 115,22095, 22055.

Imam Khomeini Blvd 112, 22331. Jomhuri-e Eslami Blvd 54000,42040.


Ostandari, on the sea front in Shahid Chamran Blvd, about a km from Enghelab Square 27001-3.
Farmandari, Motahari Blvd 27772, 26380.

1. Omm-e Leila Hospital, Nayband-e Shomali 27172.
2. Shahid Mohammadi Hospital, Jomhuri-e Eslami Blvd 31001-5.

In an alley on the north side of Imam Khomeini Ave, 250 meters west of Enghelab Square 23021-2.


17th Shahrivar Square 27676, 26000.


Shahid Beheshti Street 116.

To get a train ticket to Tehran, etc, contact Bala Parvaz Travel Agency on Imam Khomeini St, near Abuzar Square. Tel: 29881.

1. Ghadir, Aivaziha Bazaar 23664.
2. Ghodss, Imam Khomeini Blvd 259700.  Homa Hotel has the city's smartest restaurant.
3. Iran, Imam Khomeini Ave, Bazaar-e Ruz 23833.
4. Ladan Ice Cream Shop on the northwest side of Vali-Asr Square caters to the visitor's need for ice cream, faludeh, milkshakes, coffee or tea.
5. Saiiad, on the north side of Imam Khomeini Ave, 400 meters east of Imam Khomeini S2284 I. Here you can have chela meigu (battered prawns or shrimps with boiled rice) and good chelo kabab.
6. Salamat, Bargh Square 22408.
7. Shahrzad (not marked in English), on Vali-Asr Square, serves good chelo kabab.
Because of taxi shortage in Bandar-e Abbas, we recommend you to use telephone taxis, particularly the 24-hour service at Homa Hotel.
Available in English and Persian.
Imam Khomeini Ave 23032. 24232-3.

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