Azarbaijan Museum Iran


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Azarbaijan Museum

Azarbaijan Museum, constructed in 1957 and inaugurated in 1962, is on Imam Khomeini Ave (next to the Blue Mosque). With an area of 3000 square meters, it consists of the following three main sections: A} Ethnological Section, representing costumes and characteristics of various tribes and peoples of Iran;B) Archaeological Section, exhibiting objects dating back to the fourth millennium BC. Here one can see coins, weapons, decorative objects, domestic utensils and tile works. These objects were excavated in Mushlan, Hassanlu, Qara Tappeh, Khosrow Shah, and Marlik. C) History of Col)stitutional Revolution Section, containing photographs and documents of interest from the Constitutional Revolution of Iran.

Visiting Hours. Everyday 07:30 am-14:30PM. Tel. (041) 66343,65298.

Poets Mausoleum

Known as the Sho'ara Cemetery, the Mausoleum is .the resting place of more than fifty famous Iranian poets, mystics. scientists, and theologians in Seqat 01- Eslam Avenue. Bodies of Assadi Tussi, Khaqani Shervani, Zahir-e Faryabi, Qatran Tabrizi, Mohammad Maqrebi, Homam Tabrizi, Salman Savaji, Falaki Shervani, Qazi Beizavi, and the celebrated contemporary poet of Tabriz, the late Mohammad Hossein Shahryar are buried here.

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