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The town of Abadeh is located 638 Kilometers south to Tehran, the national capital. Its history turn back to one thousand years, but its development started since the Kareem Khan period, when he turned Shiraz to a national capital. the district of Abadeh is significant for its location in a mountainous area, on the northern part of the province, which turns its weather to a cold and moderate.the most important historical elements of the district are as following:
Kakhe Sassani( the Sassanid Palace) which is located south-west to Sarvistan.
Gunbad ali, Maqbareh(tomb) Tawos, Mazar Peer Hamzeh Sabz Poosh and the jami mosque of Abarkooh.
Basiran hunt forbidden region, which is located 4 Kilometers south to Abadeh.
Toot Seyah( Black Berry) hunt forbidden region,which is located at the end of Boanat region.