AHWAZ (Ahvaz)


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AHWAZ (Ahvaz)

Capital of wealthy Khuzestan province in the southwest Iran, and bordering on cities such as Shushtar and Dezful to the north, Ramhormoz to the east, Shadegan, Bandar-e Mahshahr, Abadan, and  Khorramshahr to the south, Ahwaz is situated on both banks of Karun river. Being an oil center, a transportation hub, and an industrial city with flourishing Metallurgical, petrochemical, textile, sugar  cane, power generating, and food processing industries, it occupies an area of. more than 200 square kilometers. It is terribly hot and humid in spring and summer. Its population amounts to more than 1,000,000, mainly Shi'ite Muslims.. Its elevation from the sea level is only 18 meters. The best season for traveling to Ahwaz and the whole Khuzestan province is from January to late April.

As an ancient city, its name appears in many inscriptions of ancient Iran. Its original name, according to archaeological evidence is said to have been Oxin. Achaemenians called it Avaz or Avaja. During the Sassanian period (3rd century AD), Ahwaz was rebuilt by Ardashir I, who named i~ Hormuzd-Ardashir. In the 4th century AD, Ahwaz became a seat of bishopric, and a large church was built there. However, it was renamed to Souq al-Ahwaz following the Arab Conquest. It was an important trading center with Arab world in the 12th and .13th centuries but later declined. During the Qajar period a harpor was built by the order of Nasser odDin Shah ( during whose reign the town was called Nasseri) not far from the present location of Ahwaz on the Karun river for trading purposes; and the river was opened to foreign trade in 1888. Finally, it was called Ahwaz and designated as the capital of Khuzestan province during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1924.

Karun is a 900-km long river that rises in the Zagros mountains, west Iran, and flows south to the Arvand (or Shatt olArab) on the Iraqi border. Since the construction of Trans-Iranian Railway during World War II the Karun river has been navigable up to Ahwaz for shallow drift vessels; rapids prevent further upstream passage except during high water in April and May. Five bridges connect both parts of the town. Two of these bridges are A) Railway Bridge and, locally known as Pol-e Felezi; and B) Suspension Bridge, both built by the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1932 and 1935, respectively. The discovery of oil nearby in the early 20th century restored the city to its former importance. The modern part of Ahwaz, the administrative and industrial center, is on the right bank of the Karun river, but the population is still concentrated in the old section on the left bank. Ahwaz is linked by road, rail, and oil pipelines to Tehran and to ports on the Persian Gulf. During the 8-year Iraq-Iran War and the Holy Defense against Iraqi aggression, the city served as major logistics and resistance center. It was severely attacked and damaged by the enemy during the war. The city has little to offer the sightseer, and for most foreigners it is no more than a convenient staging post for a tour of the ,region. Good 'asphalt roads radiate from Ahwaz to all parts of the province, particularly to Abadan, Andimeshk, Chogha Zanbil, Dezful, Khorramshahr, Shilshtar, and Susa.



Ahwaz Mosque
Ahwaz Bridge



922 km to Tehran.

Enghelab Street 33334, 30554.

Asseman Air 446061-2. Iran Air Office, north side of Passdaran Blvd, west of the airport road 442094-5. Mo'ayyed 222242

On the northeast edge of Ahwaz, south of Passdaran Blvd 442094-6.

1. Bank Mellat, Ahwaz Branch 64067.
2. Bank Melli Iran, West side of Ayatollah Montazeri Street, south of Shohada Square 224631-3.
3. Bank Saderat Iran, Ahwaz Branch 227042.

1. Farhang 224774
2. Golestan 229741
3. Hafez 223221
4. Ja'fari 223225
5. Khayyam 223221
6. Matbooat-e Bein ol-Melali 222593

At the far west of town on Enghelab Street. Altogether 19 cooperative bus companies take passengers from Ahwaz to all other provincial capitals and towns. Here, we give you telephone numbers of five cooperative bus companies, for urgent contact:

1. Cooperative No 1 (Iran Payma): 71224
2. Cooperative No 2 (Pars Payma):  72242
3. Cooperative No 3: 74678
4. Cooperative No 4: 79824
5. Cooperative No 15: 79988

The dialing code for Ahwaz is 061.

1. Imam Khomeini 224174
2. Imam Sadeq 226281

The emergency clinic is opposite the Park Mellat on the west bank of the river. Dial 118 or 335900.


Ostandari: 367301-5

1: Imam Khomeini Hospital, Montazeri Street 228068.
2. Razi, Felestin Street 235935.7.
3. Shahid Chamran (Golestan), Kuy-e Golestan 231042-5.
4. Sina, Kuy-e Abdollah 224063.

Next to the Governor's office ( Ostandari), north of Dr Fatemi Street, northwest of Javad-e Afshari Square 335076-9.

Opposite the west corner of the Bagh-e Melli, 150 meters north of Shohada Square 22231-3.
Road Police of Ahwaz 226488,332667. Traffic Police 330019. POST AND

 1. The main post office: on Javad-e Afshari Square.
 2. The main telephone office: Ayatollah Montazeri Street, at its intersection with Imam Khomeini Ave 338081-4.

There are at least four daily trains to Tehran: 3 express (15.5 hours) and one regular (18.5 hours). The train station (332021- 7) for passengers is on the west side of the river, and the line from Ahwaz station runs in two directions: northward to Tehran via Andimeshk, Arak, and Qum; southward to Khorramshahr.Tickets must be purchased few hours before departure.

1. Ghoncheh Restaurant, Prad Street 513952.
2. Kenar Rud (Riverside) Restaurant, on the west bank of the river, a pleasant 300-meter walk north of the suspension bridge, popular on Fridays and holidays. It's quite good for sea- and river-fish and the nearest thing to a tourist eating place in town, 332421.
3. Khalij Fars Restaurant, Amanieh Street 330043.
4. Khayyam Restaurant, 24-meter Street, at the east end of the suspension bridge, where delicious fried white fish with boiled rice is served in addition o other dishes 2222453.
5. Moqaddam Restaurant Enghelab Street 73515.
6. Pol Restaurant, Naderi Street 226279.
7. Shamshiri Restaurant, Amanieh Street 334252.
8. Taq-e Bostan Restaurant, Amanieh Street 332928.
9. Ziba Restaurant Naderi Street 214123.
 .Restaurants at Oxin Hotel and Fair Grand Hotel, 442133-4 and 220091-5.
 .Balut Fruit Ice Cream Hall, though a long trek out of the center (and not marked in English), is very good for fruit ice cream and samosas.
.The usual sandwich bars and several good chelo kababis around Shohada Square, the bus terminal area, and the Ahwaz Railway Station..

Like in Tehran, the telephone taxi is the best and the most effective means of going around in the town.

Available in Persian and English.

Or General Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance, west of the river, on Enghelab Street 333094.5.


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