Free Trade Zones in Iran


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Iran free trade zone are: Kish Island , Qeshm Island , Chabahar, Arvand free zones, Aras and Anzali free zones


All three of Iran's Free Trade -Industrial Zones :

  • Are located at the southern coasts of the country and connected to the major international waterways via the Persian Gulf, the Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean;
  • Have easy access to major air, sea and land transportation routes at the local , regional, and international levels;
  • Are in proximity to regional markets with regard to import of raw materials, and intermediate or manufactured goods, and easy access to local and neighboring markets specially those of Western, Southern and Central Asia and the Persian Gulf;
  • Have reliable Public utilities and services;
  • Have availability to skilled and semi- skilled manpower with reasonable (competitive) wage demands in the region;
  • Have appropriate access to abundant sources of energy such as natural gas (2nd in the world) and crude oil (4th in the world);
  • Have wealth of mineral resources, unique in the Middle East, required for industrial production and exports;
  • Have international reputation as major trade centers;
  • Have appropriate climate and tourist attractions.



  • Investment independently or in partnership with Iranian persons;
  • No restrictions on the percentage of the share holdings;
  • Free repatriation of net profits and capital;
  • Exemption from all kinds of taxes for the first 15 years;
  • The legal rights of foreign investors are guaranteed; in the event of nationalization, the Authority of each Zone shall make the compensation;
  • Foreign investors may lease land with reasonable rents, and own the buildings and other installations built on the land.


Imports & Exports

  • All goods imported into the Zones are exempt from customs duties and commercial benefit tax;
  • Exports of goods from the Zones to the mainland, to the extent of the added value plus the value of the used domestic raw materials, are exempt from customs duties and commercial benefit tax;
  • All goods, shipped to the Zones from the mainland, are deemed domestic transference.


No entry visa requirement

  • Foreign nationals who choose direct entry to the Zones, do not need to apply for visa in advance ;
  • For entry into adjacent zones, a double entry visa can be obtained from the Embassies or Consulates of the I.R.Iran in any country from which they wish to apply.


Banking Facilities

  • The offshore banking and non banking credit activities regulations in the Zones are flexible, and compatible with international offshore banking practices and standards;
  • Foreign banks and financial institutions may open head offices, branches, and counters independently or in partnership with domestic partners;
  • No foreign exchange control; the conversion of the Iranian Rial to any other currency is readily permitted;
  • Transfer of foreign currencies and Iranian Rials abroad is permitted.


Engagement of Manpower

  • All matters related to manpower employment are dealt with according to the contract and agreement initially concluded between the employer and the employee;
  • The labour regulations practiced in the Free Zones are unique and they are formulated in accordance with ILO recommendations;


  • Any probable disputes will be settled according to the relevant terms of contract originally concluded between the parties.

Salient Features

- Joint venture with no limit on investment and shareholding;

- Proper employment regulations;

- 15 years of tax exemption;

- Foreign investments up to any ratio (of capital investment);

- Investment guarantee from any viewpoint;

- National and international banking facilities;

- Offshore banking and non banking credit practices;

- No currency restrictions;

- 100% repatriation of capital and profit;

- Abundant sources of energy;

- Vast pool of manpower at all levels of skills and various trades;

- No bureaucratic regulations and avoidance from red tape;

- Tourism attractions;

- No entry visa requirement for foreign nationals;



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